T1 Intro

Ander and Tia are traveling down the road to Waterdeep, having met up on the Long Road. About a day outside of the city, they make camp. After a few hours, they are taken unawares by a band of creatures. As the first blows fall, they notice Gran cresting the hill, and call to him for aid.

The three defeat the creatures (a dark creeper and three skeletons), and in searching the bodies, discover an obsidian amulet with an icon of a skeletal fist on it. They decide that it is probably best to press on to Waterdeep, and travel through the night to reach the city.

Once in Waterdeep, Ander, a native, takes charge, and leads them to an inn where they can get a good deal. This inn, The Slimy Serpent, turns out to be in a rather run-down part of the Dock Ward. Ander, looking to unload a few cases of goblin hooch, asks around the inn’s taproom for a less-than-respectable merchant who might be interested in purchasing some of his goods. One of the patrons points him to a half-elf merchant in the South Ward.

The party goes to meet the merchant, and after a bit of discussion, manage to unload Ander’s rotgut at a hefty profit, and also learn that they may be able to learn more about the talisman they have at Blackstaff Tower.

T1 Intro

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