Granin Gundarsun

Heretic and Avenger of Tempus

Armor Class 18
Ability: +3 Equipment: +2
Fortitude 13
Strength: 10 Constitution: 12
Reflex: 15
Dexterity: 16 Intelligence: 10
Willpower 16
Wisdom: 18 Charisma: 8
Hit Points 32
Surges: 8 Surge Value: 8
Acrobatics: 8 Insight: 4
Arcana: 1 Intimidate: -1
Athletics: 0 Nature: 4
Bluff: -1 Perception: 9
Diplomacy: -1 Religion: 6
Dungeoneering: 4 Stealth: 8
Endurance: 1 Streetwise: -1
Heal: 9 Thievery: 3
History: 1
Granin is an Avenger, a class from the 4th Edition Player’s Handbook version Two. Gran is a follower of Tempus, and hails from the region of Impiltur.

An Avenger is a Divine Melee Striker, whose great wisdom and commitment to strange, sometimes forbidden worship. Unlike a Paladin who exists as an Exemplar of their chosen Divinity, an Avenger is imbued with a true spark of their Divine patron but often branded Heretical. As such, rarely Good or Lawful Good aligned Gods have Avengers. The Unaligned, however…

The Avenger Armor of Faith ability grants an Armor Class bonus when not wearing Heavy Armor or Shield. Light Armor is allowed, so I spent the Human bonus feat on gaining Leather Armor Proficency.

If an Avenger arrogantly protects themselves with Heavy Armor or Shield this lack of faith costs them their Armor bonus. Those unfortunate to be born in the Impiltur Region, wracked by Demon Cults and poverty, are also wise enough to trade Constitution for Wisdom when determining starting Hit Points. Valuable lessons for any Holy Warrior.

The Skill suite of an Avenger is a mix of Cleric and Rogue. I chose Scout skills, plus Heal, to make me an ideal team escort.

These blessed Assassins can make full use of their deception, matching their warrior’s strength to a rogue’s subtlety. Stealth is a great ally in maximizing your potential, as nearly all Avenger abilities are focused on disrupting formations and you gain great boons for focusing on a single chosen opponent until they lie dead.

The Avenger’s crits often due to the Oath of Emnity. The Righteous Rage of Tempus power often gifts the Avenger a crit per Encounter. The Greataxe, a High Crit weapon, inflicts absurd damage on a crit.

Tempus knows the Axe bites deeper than any other when they strike vitals, and with Tempus’ Rage in an Avenger’s soul, every battle is sure to see his Axe strike true.


Granin Gundarsun

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