The Story So Far

As the last snows of winter begin to thaw, the people of the City of Splendors are on edge. The winter was unusually long and cold, and the inns have been overcrowded with merchants and travelers who would have normally camped outside of town. Voices in the taverns are tinged with fear, and rumors of strange beasts and unexplained disappearances are not uncommon.

The word in the street is that The Lords know something strange is happening. The Guard has been quietly recruiting new members, with an eye towards brawn rather than an interest in keeping the peace. Rather than the normal patrols near the city walls, groups of guardsmen are often seen patrolling within the Wards. The streets are peaceful, but if the cost of peace is eternal vigilance, a great number of the new recruits are taking a very… proactive approach to vigilance.

As spring begins, signs of change are all around, and there is an expectant feeling in the air…

Shadows Over Waterdeep